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Low Value Mail is the people's podcast. Tuesday at 9pm: Conspiracies and all things interesting Wednesday: The Bath House featuring some of the best comedians New York City has to offer Listen to ad-free versions of the shows and support what I do by signing up at www.patreon.com/lowvaluemail Watch them all live at www.youtube.com/@LowValueMail read less


A Date Disaster and Freshly Dead Dad | Episode #054 | The Bath House Live Call-In Show and Podcast
A Date Disaster and Freshly Dead Dad | Episode #054 | The Bath House Live Call-In Show and Podcast
The Bathhouse is a live call-in show from the green room of The Stand one of New York City's best comedy clubs. Follow Our Guests: Toby McMullen Instagram: @toby.mcmullen Bret Raybould Instagram: @bretraybould Lawrence Reese Instagram: @lawrencereese__ Music by  @namelesswalaby  and  @ChadTurnUp  🎩 Patreon 🎩 http://www.Patreon.com/LowValueMail or https://twitter.com/Dannyjokes/superfollows/subscribe MERCH: www.lowvaluemail.com ⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎ 👂Listen to the podcast👂 https://anchor.fm/low-value-mail ⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎ Follow me everywhere: www.instagram.com/dannyjokes www.twitter.com/dannyjokes www.facebook.com/dannycomedy 0:00 - Intro etc 5:00 - Canadian bands 7:30 - Bathing questions 8:07 - Guy wants to know how touring works? 14:20 - Muffled voice 15:00 - How whack is this premise? 19:30 - The Mayor calls - what are your thoughts on Gary Johnson 30:40 - Lisa Anne controversy 32:30 - Guy calls and roasts the cast! 33:57 - Climbing Everest 35:30 - A Girl calls!!!! 41:00 - What was your worst date? 50:14 - Cruise guy followup 58:00 - What do you think of Shane Gillis got fired from 1:02:00 - Slav calls 1:09:00 - Mojo Nixon's son calls back 1:23:42 - Shout out Kris Kristopherson and Mojo Nixon 1:34:00 - Mayor calls back 1:35:23 - Plugs 1:37:17 - Last call whoops --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/low-value-mail/message