Sustainable Wellness and Ikigai with Saori Okada

Ikigai with Jennifer Shinkai

03-07-2022 • 48分

This week on the podcast I talk to Saori Okada, Founder of Mogami (最上), a Japanese wellness brand headquartered in London (U.K.). Saori’s work is focused on wellness that is centred around longevity and empowering people to achieve sustainable wellness. In the episode Saori will share with you about her work in this field, her personal wellness journey, and how ikigai relates to a sustainable wellness lifestyle.

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TW: In this episode we discuss eating disorders.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • About the duality of fear and excitement experienced when moving to a new city or country
  • How the pandemic affected people’s willingness to talk about wellness
  • What Mogami’s Japanese Wellness Puzzle is and how ikigai fits into it
  • Why ikigai as a concept has such global relevance
  • How hitting rock bottom was a path to feeling ikigai

About  Saori:

Saori is the Founder of Mogami (最上), a Japanese wellness brand headquartered in London (U.K.). She is also a speaker, a student of Japanese calligraphy for 20 years and a certified holistic wellness coach. She is also the author of a narrative memoir titled "Until the Death of Me", where she bravely shares her eating disorder recovery journey. A former leader in media analytics with global experience, Saori leans on "Mogami's Japanese wellness puzzle", the five wellness pillars centred around longevity to empower individuals to achieve a sustainable wellness lifestyle through educational content and wellness experiences.

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