Episode 13: Senpai Kimm Carriere

The Martial Way Podcast

14-05-2020 • 1時間 18分

Senpai Kimm Carriere started her Karate career at the age of seven and began competing when she was nine. She competed in her first international tournament in the 2014 Diamond Cup in Belgium. She has become a fixture at Canadian full-contact/knockdown competitions and went on to compete at many international tournaments, representing Shinkyokushinkai Canada. She is the Canadian lightweight champ for the past eight years and has had several podium finishes at international tournaments. Some of the highlights of her tournaments in recent years include:

Diamond Cup (3x)
British Open (3x)
Dageki World Karate Championships (3x)
Shinkyokushin World Cup (2017)
11th and 12th World Karate Championship (2015, 2019)
1st International Full Contact Karate Championships
Carpathia Cup
International Fujiwara Cup
The 1st Americas Full-contact Karate Championship (selection tournament for WFKO World Championship Japan)

On top of all of this, she is a psychologist and a student who is finishing up her PhD.

This is an amazing conversation with an amazing martial artist and person. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Osu!

Senpai Kimm Carriere's Dojo, West Island Karate / Karaté de L'Île www.westislandkarate.com, under Shihan John Kalaidopoulos