Ep. 58: How to feel better w/ Katy Whalen


09-05-2023 • 47分

Feel like crap? No libido? High stress? High anxiety? Before you fill the Rx for an anti-depressant, do me a favor, sis. and let's test your hormones.

In this episode, Katy Whalen explains why your hormones are betraying you. So often it starts with racing thoughts, difficulty sleeping and an increase in anxiety. The walls slowly cave in and you find yourself saying "what is happening to me?!?"

Katy explains how she discovered the hormonal changes in her own body and how she's built a company to help other women do the same. Simple hormone tests saved her from divorce. It's why she says her company 'saves marriages.'

This is a conversation about controlling the physical things we can control and understanding when we get wacky, maybe it's the hormones.

💥 This episode is for you if 💥

  • You love learning the latest health data about hormones and your body
  • You've been feeling not-up-to-par physically and you're ready to do something about it
  • You need tangible, actionable advice on how to feel better.

📺 What you'll hear in this episode📺

The episode begins with Lauren and Katy spelling out how we're supposed to feel when our hormones are in balance, compared to when they are not. Katy describes the hormonal changes in men and women as we age.

  • [8:30] What are estrogen and progesterone and what's the natural role they play in our bodies? What will we begin to notice when these two power hormones are out of balance?
  • [17:05] Katy shares her personal experience with hormonal imbalances and how the problem almost led to her own divorce. It's why she says her company 'saves marriages.'
  • [33:02] We learn the physical indicators your body's hormones are off-balance. What signs and symptoms do you  need to look out for?

Plus, [36:54] Katy shares what the research says about how often you should be having sex for your happiness.

🔖 Chapters 🔖

0:28 - Lauren's opening monologue

2:21 - How we're SUPPOSED to feel in our bodies, but the reality of stress

5:35 - What changes in your hormones in your late 30s, early 40s?

8:30 - Understanding the roles of estrogen and progesterone

10:52 - When do we start seeing a decline in these hormones?

14:15 - How hormone imbalances affect men

17:05 - How Katy's companies started from her personal crisis

22:09 - What tests do men and women need?

23:58 - What are peptides?

26:00 - Our healthcare needs to be personalized

28:12 - What changes for women as we age (a need for magnesium, fiber & protein)

31:52 - What stress does to your body

33:02 - Physical indicators your body is off-balance (itchy skin, frozen shoulder, moodiness, lethargy, weight gain around the midsection)

35:10 - What changes we might see in a man with hormone imbalances

36:54 - What's a normal amount of sex? (General happiness, once a week)

40:15 - Katy's life background before starting Joi Women's Wellness

44:12 - How to connect with Katy and her companies

✔️ Show Notes✔️

Joi Women's Wellness

Blokes (the brother company to Joi)

The book Estrogen Matters

Ep. 50: Think Even Bigger w/ Dr. Christina Rahm  (Apple | Spotify)

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