Episode 8. How to approach leadership & team management in fast-changing environment

Birdcast - Podcast for B2B SaaS teams

26-09-2022 • 38分

In this episode Jacky and Daniel meet with Daniil Pavliuchkov, Head of Product Growth at TIER, exploring the topic of: - different leadership styles - the best way to implement the organisational changes - the role of clarity and transparency as a part of leadership communication - how to create and implement company strategy - how to prioritise between short-term and long-term goals Outside of work Daniil run a Product Leadership course, advise early-stage startups from Greece, speak at various EU conferences, and even produced a product podcast. Ahead of Product - "Leadership in Product" course, https://aheadofproduct.com/ Daniil's podcast (all platforms) - https://anchor.fm/top-tier"