Navigating Disruption and Burnout with Bill Fournet

The Corporate Purpose Podcast

15-08-2022 • 40分

In this episode, Bill Fournet, the CEO of Persimmon Group, looks at the transformational state of business today and what we can do as leaders to help our teams and our companies navigate through disruption. Bill explains not only how the pandemic has fractured the status quo, but he also explores the historical patterns that were leading us toward change. Then, he weighs in with a fresh take on the debate around hybrid and remote work and why time has surpassed money as the primary work driver.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What is means to be a purpose-driven leader,
  • How the value we place on time over money is transforming our mindset around work,
  • The generational shifts that are also changing the current work state,
  • Why so many of us are experiencing burnout and overwhelm,
  • Strategies to help navigate and manage burnout, and
  • The value of creating alignment between your personal and corporate purpose.

Bill Fournet is the founder and CEO of Persimmon Group, where he focuses on executive and team coaching in times of disruption. You can find a copy Bill's eBook, Beating Burnout: How to win the battle against overwhelm and exhaustion here. Bill also mentioned his website,, where you can take a personal or team assessment and download additional resources. You can connect with Bill on LinkedIn or on Facebook.

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