Building a Purpose-led Team Culture with Stephan Vincent

The Corporate Purpose Podcast

01-08-2022 • 31分

Stephan Vincent, the Senior Director of Workplace Experience at Life Guides, joins the podcast to discuss culture-building and human experience. In this episode, Stephan shares his formula for what is culture and how do we build a healthy, people-centered culture. Through research and years of experience, Stephan has created a unique culture equation. This equation is what he uses to help support his LifeGuide clients and also help build a greater sense of purpose.

The formula: Corporate Values + Behaviors + Moments that Matter x Consistency.

He goes on to explain how each of these attributes can be identified and nurtured to create the strong foundation leaders are seeking to build a positive and meaning organizational culture.

Stephan also talks about the human experience and why we need to show up for our people in and outside of the office. We also discuss the intersection of personal and professional purpose and how every company has the potential to define their purpose for the employees in a tangible way. Stephan also shares some great advice on hiring and explains different strategies to hire people who are not only a match on values but also people who will bring something new to table. In his words, why he prefers to hire people who are a culture-add versus a culture-fit.

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