Ep. 87 - Doing Things For Your Partner Isn't Enough To Feel Connected

The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast

28-11-2023 • 13分

If it seemed easier for you to feel connected with your husband before having kids, this one mistake could be the reason why.

As soon as couples become parents, the responsibilities grow exponentially and they start doing things for each other and forget or deprioritize to do things with each other.

As parents, the shift from spontaneous date nights to navigating the challenges of adulting and parenting is real.

Tune in as we explore the difference between completing tasks and nurturing genuine connection in your marriage.

In this episode of The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast, we dive into:

  • how the dynamics of the relationship changes when couples transition into parenthood
  • the difference between feeling loved and feeling connected
  • the impact connection has on communication
  • the importance of prioritizing connection and practical ways to strengthen your connection
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