Ep. 86 - A Mom's Guide To Less Stress and More Joy During The Holidays with Marisa Lonic

The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast

21-11-2023 • 36分

The holiday season is here, and for moms, it often brings a lot of stress. This time brings a lot of joy, magic, and family bonding, but the pressure to create the perfect celebration can be overwhelming. In this article, we'll explore 3 strategies from a seasoned mom of 4 and Time Momager, Marisa Lonic, to help you navigate the holidays with ease and embrace the true spirit of the season.

Marisa Lonic is a certified intuitive life & business coach, keynote speaker, 3x author, top-rated podcast host and the founder of Mama Work It. After spending nearly 15 years in corporate leadership positions, Marisa shifted gears to become a full-time Time Momager & Biz Momager. Through her books, courses, and coaching programs, she helps busy moms juggling mom life, work life, wife life, fill in the blank life. Her time management and goal achievement strategies have helped the most overwhelmed mamas turn their dreams into reality, even when they thought they had no time to make any of it happen. When she’s not supporting working parents with the daily juggle, you can find her cooking and baking delicious meals her kids may or may not eat, running (ok fine - walking/running) in her neighborhood, and hanging out with the five amazing guys she calls family (her husband and four kiddos).

In this episode, I chat with Marisa Lonic and we dive into:

  • why the holidays are so stressful for moms in particular
  • 3 ways you can make this holiday season (and those to come) less stressful and more joyful
  • Holiday Habits Workshop

If you resonate with what she shared in this episode, go connect with Marisa and check out her Holiday Habits Workshop and use promo code HHNOV23 to receive a massive discount on it through the end of November!

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