FTV: Tips From a Successful Boutique Owner with Alison Grooms, Jules & James

Boutique Chat

08-12-2023 • 58分

I was so fortunate to have Alison Grooms, owner of Jules & James Boutique, join me on the show for Tips From a Successful Boutique Owner. In this episode from Season 3, Alison goes over everything and anything you can think of when it comes to owning a boutique. You'll hear her go over lives sales, vendor tips, hiring employees, and what it's like being a mom while running a business. But that' not all, tune in to get all the details on this candid conversation, filled with essential boutique owner tips!

I so hope you enjoy this bonus episode From The Vault. It's one that is definitely worth hearing again — and taking notes!

For show notes & resources visit the episode webpage below or click here.

First released November 2020.


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