If You Don’t Adapt, It’s Not Going To Work with Taylor Jones McClellan, The Tiny Closet

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16-01-2024 • 43分

Diversifying sources of revenue, building a personal brand, social media marketing and running a business through different seasons of life – Taylor and I talk about it all in this episode!

The founder of The Tiny Closet, Taylor Jones McClellan is back on the podcast to update us on her life and business. Since last being on the show in Season 2, Taylor has been busy! She’s gotten married, become a mom, moved storefronts and started several other businesses.

We talk about how The Tiny Closet has evolved throughout the last seven years, her evolution as a business owner and boss, adapting to a changing industry, how to find new channels of income, breaking into wholesale, and the ins and outs of social media , among other things!


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