A Masterclass on Building and Scaling a Brand with Sam Paik, State of Fashion / YZE Agency

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30-01-2024 • 55分

This week I am talking to one of my favorite people in the industry who’s advised me, encouraged me, brainstormed with me … and pushed me to eat more than just meatballs! In addition to being a good friend and foodie, Sam has worked in every single corner of the fashion industry and has such amazing insight into how things work and where there’s opportunity.

Design, production, marketing, sales, customer service – you name it, he’s done it! Sam has launched multiple apparel lines, worked in the corporate sector, and now runs his own consulting firm, State of Fashion / YZE Agency.

In this episode, Sam and I cover it all, talking about the trials and tribulations of wholesale production, establishing a brand, marketing strategies and tradeshows, as well as the entrepreneurial mindset and how to persevere through hardship.


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