S01 E06: Avoid Brute Force

Resilience in Action

01-11-2020 • 1時間

Joining us from Vancouver, B.C. Carole Taylor shares how resilience has helped her to find the courage to stand up for what she believes in. Whether it is in politics, business or media. Being resilient means being willing to dig down deep and hold on to your values. For Carole, resilience is very personal and it can help you shine a light on different alternatives to the status quo. Resilience is a critical asset when it comes to hacking the system in order to disrupt it for good. Resilience and courage helped her see the signs to move forward and observe she was on the right path. She found a way to spread her message and coordinate a community. Carole has yet to meet a successful person who has not overcome major failures. She invites us to see our lives in less linear ways so we can open ourselves up to see spectacular opportunities to contribute.

From Carole’s perspective, resilience is easy to say but not easy to experience in action. Leaders are being open and transparent and not afraid to express when they don't have all the answers as to how the future will unfold. For her, resilience is not about having a clear unmovable outcome in mind but about holding on to our values and allowing ourselves for the opportunities to reveal themselves as we continue to move forward. Resilience is the capacity to problem solve and look at an issue from different perspectives. Stay open to all ideas. Search for passion and excitement. Open to listen. She reveals a powerful secret towards revealing good outcomes in the midst of confusion: have a not to do list. Explore her work: https://bit.ly/3kLlWNH
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