How We Raised over 2M€ Non-Dilutive Capital for a Hardware/Femtech Startup

InvestHer Podcast

05-05-2023 • 55分

How do you raise money for a hardware, femtech, medical device that is highly innovative and not yet on the market? How do you get partners like the World Health Organisation to support your work? In this episode, you'll hear from Rosanne Longmore, CEO of Coroflo, a company which has developed and patented the world’s first accurate breastfeeding monitor, Coro. Coroflo have raised €4m investment and have won numerous innovation and technology awards. Coroflo are raising their Series A to launch Coro to the market in 2024.

Learn the behind the scenes story about how Coroflo started, how they pivoted, their funding journey, how to manage prodcut development, research, patenting, funding all in parallel to build a world-class medical device/femtech company. I believe they will become an Irish woman co-founded unicorn so stay tuned!

If you are a founder, get lots of great tips on how to raise serious non-dilutive capital. If you are an investor looking for a great opportunity, you should definitely listen to this episode!
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