Building the Tech Workforce of the Future via a New Way to teach Kids to Code with Dora Palfi, Co-Founder & CEO of Imagi

InvestHer Podcast

22-01-2024 • 52分

In today’s episode, we’re excited to delve into an inspiring conversation with Dora Palfi, the Co-Founder and CEO of Imagi. Dora shares her journey of creating a revolutionary approach to coding education, aimed at building a diverse and inclusive tech workforce for the future.

Imagi is not just a coding platform; it's a movement to redefine the way girls and boys engage with technology from an early age. Dora discusses how Imagi's unique solutions, such as the 'Imagi Charm' and their interactive app, are making waves in tech education by emphasizing creativity, collaboration, and inclusivity.

Join us as we explore Imagi’s mission, the challenges of diversifying technology, and the importance of early coding education. We'll also dive into Dora's funding journey, offering valuable insights for entrepreneurs navigating the world of startup finance.

Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, an investor, or simply passionate about education and technology, this episode is packed with inspiring stories and practical advice. Let's discover how Imagi is shaping the future of tech, one code at a time! Get the links to the resources mentioned in this episode and learn more in the Show Notes here;