Building Money Confidence in Young Adults with an AI-Money Coach, with Gabriela Isas, CEO & Founder of Good With

InvestHer Podcast

22-12-2023 • 45分

Join us for an enlightening conversation with Gabriela Isas, founder and CEO of Good With, as she delves into the transformative world of financial education for young adults. In this episode, Gabriela unveils her unique journey to empower the 18-30 age bracket with innovative, AI-driven money management tools. Discover how Good With leverages behavioral science and technology to revolutionize financial literacy, and how Gabriela's passion is shaping a new era in fintech. Whether you're a young adult navigating your financial pathway or an enthusiast for cutting-edge financial solutions, this episode is packed with insights, inspiration, and practical advice. Learn about their funding journey so far and key resources they used that could be useful to you too. Tune in to explore how Good With is not just changing the game in financial education but also positively impacting lives. Don't miss this inspiring story of innovation and empowerment! Get the links to the resources mentioned in this episode and learn more in the Show Notes here.