How Telling Our Stories Differently Can Change Funding

InvestHer Podcast

02-04-2023 • 59分

How we tell stories matters. It's the way we all communicate things that really matter, and how you tell your story as a funder (investor) or founder can really change outcomes. In this episode, you'll learn from Tara Todras-Whitehill, an award-winning photographer whose work has appeared on more than 20 front pages of The New York Times. She founded the TW Visual Storytelling Agency and has a clientele of some of the world’s leading social impact and news organizations.

If you are a funder (investor) you'll love this episode, as you'll learn how to better tell your stories about how you invest in women and diverse founders, to help you attract more diverse dealflow. Tara will walk through 4 examples of venture capital funds websites, share what they are doing well and how they can elevate their storytelling to connect even better with diverse founders. And if  you are founder, you'll learn how to tell your founder and company story authentically and ethically when you fundraise and to attract clients and team members.

Tara shares so many valuable practical takeaways so make sure you take notes and share this episode with other funders and founders who need to hear this too! See the websites she mentions and other resources in the show notes here: