Hector Bravo: Combat Veteran's Path to Addiction Recovery, PTSD Survival, and Life Behind Bars

Thinking Bigger with Kevin Pheley - Motivation, Inspiration & Entrepreneurship.

25-05-2023 • 57分

In this raw and powerful episode, we delve into the extraordinary life of Hector Bravo, a seasoned Corrections Officer and military veteran. From navigating a tumultuous upbringing to fighting the battles of addiction and ultimately finding sobriety, Hector's story is one of resilience, grit, and transformation. Inside the gritty world of prison guarding, he shares eye-opening tales that reveal the humanity behind the bars - the struggles, triumphs, and the intricate social dynamics. His military experiences, woven throughout, show a different side of service and sacrifice. Hector's journey through life's highs and lows offers valuable lessons and insights that promise to challenge, inspire, and motivate. Tune in as we explore the corridors of Hector's life - an episode you won't want to miss.