The Next Wave of Quantum Healing with Personalized Frequencies

Seed Your Success

02-02-2024 • 26分

We are dissolving and disintegrating the imprints that prevent us from seeing who we are, what we are, whose we are, and from seeing who every one of us is. It is a coming back to our authentic nature and allowing infinite good to express through us as abundance, prosperity, joy, health, and well-being


0:00 - Introduction of guest and topic

3:30 - Overview of Lila Quantum Tech flagship products

6:00 - Validation from clinical research studies

9:30 - Explanation of quantum entanglement principles

12:30 - Introduction of Quantum Upgrade subscription service

15:00 - Examples of customized frequency settings

17:30 - Review of recent Quantum Upgrade research findings

20:30 - Application of solution for homes, businesses, pets

23:00 - Walkthrough of signing up process and free trial

26:00 - Benefits experienced by existing customers

28:30 - Resources for continuing quantum wellness journey

31:00 - Parting thoughts and invitation to resources.


Leela Technology Physical Products & Infinity Bloc

Leela Quantum Upgrade  Distance Healing

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling, founder and CEO of Leela Quantum Tech, shared insights on EMF protection, quantum energy technology, and the remarkable benefits experienced by users. From advancements in deuterium depleted water to the game-changing Infinity Bloc, this episode is packed with transformative information.

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