The Dark Forces Unveiled: Exposing the Secrets of Society's Fabric

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30-08-2023 • 4分

I'd like to invite you into the statement  DRAIN "The Swamp" Trump Refers to.

Who's in the swamp?

How HUGE is the swamp?  BIG.

From Congress, Supreme Court, Media, UN, Bankers, UK, Vatican, and shoot......the  entire world?

The answer is clear.  This will likely shake your foundation, for GOOD.

In a world shrouded in hidden agendas and obscured truths, a profound awakening is taking place, unraveling the intricate web of deception that has ensnared humanity for centuries

Authority lies beyond the Swamp, though....and it goes way back.

Here's a breakdown of todays dialogue:

Understanding the true meaning of being born as a "Spiritual Sovereign Soul" is crucial for reclaiming sovereignty.

The birth certificate system has been used to incorporate individuals into a system of enslavement.

This system aims to fund a New World Order and make individuals debt slaves.

The Covid-19 pandemic and forced vaccination are believed to be part of their plan to reduce the global population.

The New World Order has been planned for centuries by the 13 bloodline families.

The Organic Act of 1871 played a significant role in their agenda, but their plan extends further back.

Researching the Act of 1871 and its consequences is encouraged.

Global bankers infiltrated countries, including the US, and gained control over banking, courts, medical, education, and churches.

The Act of 1871 was a treasonous act that undermined sovereignty and dissolved the Republic for America.

The United States of America became a corporation under the control of global bankers.

The legal system shifted from Common Law to Corporate Maritime Law, which is not based on constitutional law.

Maritime Law is conducted by the BAR Association, not the law of the land.

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