Decoding ADHD through the Polyvagal Theory

Seed Your Success

10-02-2023 • 27分

Ready to Unlock the Secrets of Your Brain and Nervous System?

I sat down to record some deep insights into the energetic and neuroscience that will change the way you think about stress and ADHD.

We're going to explore why women and those with ADHD are more susceptible to stress-related disorders, anxiety, depression, and burnout, and show you how the polyvagal theory can help.

Expect to discover the concept of the "Window of Tolerance" and how it relates to the polyvagal theory, giving you a deeper understanding of how your nervous system operates in times of stress.

Tap into the fastest ways to develop coping skills that can bring you back to your optimal "ventral vagal state," where you'll feel calm, content, and able to engage with the world around you.

Join me for this illuminating and thought-provoking episode, and discover the power of the polyvagal theory to help you relieve stress and improve your ADHD symptoms.

Much love, and always rooting you on!


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