Financial Trauma & Surrender to Rebirth the New

Seed Your Success

28-06-2023 • 13分

Hello dear friend,

I write to you with my deepest love and assurance that we are watching the greatest time in history evolve in front of our lives.

Some have been following this thread for years, wearing the stress under their breath - and deep in prayer.

Most, dealing with the busy-ness of life just trying to feel free from the odd oppression over our nation for far too long.

So, I'm feeling the urgency to share this audio and trust that the coming months will be a testimony to our strength and power.

We all share a deep longing for Life, Wealth, and Freedom, regardless of who we are. These fundamental desires unite us.

But why do we witness an endless cycle of lies, wars, sickness, corruption, division, and chaos?

Behind this madness lies a force that empowers a small group of individuals to manipulate power, wealth, control, force, and perversion. They perpetuate this seemingly unending cycle of suffering on Earth.

The answer lies in our hands. By uncovering this truth, we can solve our problems. Our enslavement is not due to our inherent evil, stupidity, or victimhood. Rather, it is a result of our lack of genuine Knowledge.

Ignorance, not stupidity, is our barrier. We all have the capacity to learn, seek Wisdom, attain greater Understanding, and fulfill our Purpose.

Once we embrace our true identity, acquire real knowledge, access our full power, and comprehend the unchanging Laws available to us all, the deceitful, narcissistic control-freaks who have wreaked havoc on our world for centuries will be dismissed and rendered powerless.

Our Storm is Upon Us

Together, we can reclaim our freedom and create a brighter future.

I will be in touch on some safe, knowledgable and encouraging updates soon.

Love,  Kassandra

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