The Truth Dilemma: Trust and Misinformation With the Rise of AI

Lives of Tomorrow

07-07-2023 • 28分

In this week’s episode, Cassandra Napoli, Senior Strategist on our Insight team, joins WGSN CEO Carla Busazi to discuss what is real and what is fake online, and how AI is impacting this.

In an age where more and more information is AI-created, how do we gauge its authenticity?

This inspired Cassandra Napoli to write a forecast on this topic looking into fake news circulating online, and placing a spotlight on the implications of artificially manipulated content that warps reality.

Cassandra explains why it’s becoming difficult for reality to surface on social media platforms as AI becomes more sophisticated. Explaining how we are in an era where misinformation, filtered feeds and deep fakes are a reality, we must navigate with caution.

Carla and Cassandra also talk about how AI is impacting law and policy. In the US, there are proposals for full disclosure of AI in political adverts ahead of the elections next year. What implications will this have?

You can also hear analysis on media literacy, and how equipped we are to deal with the increasing challenges of distinguishing between the false and the fake.

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