Are AI Gods and Tiktok Cults the Faiths of the Future?

Lives of Tomorrow

09-06-2023 • 25分

This episode of the Lives of Tomorrow podcast looks at how we engage with faith, spirituality and religion. What is religion? What does it mean and how do we engage, if at all? How does it impact us and in 5-10 years what will the landscape of religion look like? In this episode we explore the idea that AI has the power to write its own religious book that people can follow.

Brielle Saggese is an insight strategist at WGSN and writes forecasts on various topics. In her forecast ‘Remixing Religion’ Brielle explores how young people are engaging with faith, purpose and religious ideas in new ways. She studies how their search for meaning will impact in-person experiences, aesthetics and rituals in the US, UK and EMEA markets.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Alternative religions
  • Data charting the fastest growing religions
  • Spirituality of religious public gatherings
  • Impact social media is having on young people in relation to religion

Brielle shares the insights acquired through her research as well as her lived experience with religion from her childhood to now and how she navigates faith with host Carla Buzasi, CEO of trend forecasting and consumer insight company WGSN.

Learn more about her work here.