All You Need is Love – How the Polycrisis is Shifting Our Relationship with Brands

Lives of Tomorrow

13-10-2023 • 28分

Martina Rocca, Cultural Strategist and Foresight Lead at WGSN, talks polycrisis, shifting consumer brand relationships and what tomorrow looks like.

In this episode, WGSN CEO Carla Buzasi and Martina unpack what a polycrisis is, how it’s impacting our lives and what the future holds for consumer brand relationships. Martina’s forecasts on this topic highlight a shift in what consumers demand from brands. In this discussion, she breaks down how brands can engage and sustain consumers who increasingly want more than just products and services.

Expect to hear details about how brands can evolve with consumers and the specific behaviours that will make them change how they operate. Martina also goes through examples of brand campaigns she feels have effectively pivoted and committed to new consumer needs.