Will Gen Z Save the World?

Lives of Tomorrow

21-07-2023 • 29分

As Gen Z is maturing, fast approaching a pivotal time in their lives, starting their careers and occupying key positions in society. Their impact on the future of our communities remains a significant question. How will this generation shape society in the years ahead? Additionally, it's essential to explore the thoughts of Gen Z concerning the future—are they more inclined towards anxiety or hopefulness?

In this episode of Lives of Tomorrow, Carla Buzasi, CEO of WGSN, speaks with Ziad Ahmed, a prominent 24-year-old figure from Gen Z. Gen Z are those individuals between the ages of 18 and 26 today. Ziad is an American-Muslim-Bangladeshi entrepreneur with a Yale degree in Political Science. He runs a marketing company that specializes in helping brands and manufacturers comprehend the mindset and behaviours of Gen Z.

In this episode Carla gets Ziad’s insights into the ways companies can engage, sustain and grow with a Gen Z audience. Drawing on his experience of consulting brands on how best to communicate with this cohort, Ziad explains the most effective ways of attracting a Gen-Z audience.