Scrolling Into the Future With Care

Lives of Tomorrow

28-04-2023 • 30分

Have you taken a break from social media due to screentime overload and toxic media?

You're not alone. As mental health becomes a priority, social media platforms are stepping up with resources and solutions to promote a "care culture".

In this episode, mental health advocate Jorge Alvarez shares his journey and how he's working with platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram to make social media safer and more inclusive. We also explore the future of care culture, what form it will take within apps and predict how this will impact creators and users.

Join WGSN CEO Carla Buzasi as she interviews Jorge and explores the rise of the caring economy, it’s future and the importance of digital rest stops for creators and users alike. Discover how social media care culture can improve our wellbeing and communities, both online and offline.