The Future of Sex, Therapy and Relationships

Lives of Tomorrow

15-09-2023 • 28分

In this episode of Lives of Tomorrow, sex and relationship therapist Jordan Dixon joins WGSN CEO Carla Buzasi to talk about AI sex hotels, sexual optimisation and whether there’s a future for marriage.

Jordan is a psychosexual and relationship psychotherapist who runs a busy private practice in London, and is also an associate at The Thought House Partnership. She sees eroticism as an essential dimension of being human, and says there are no limits to achieving optimal sexuality. She talks to Carla about how she sees relationships evolving in the future, and describes a recent visit to a new AI sex hotel in Berlin which opened her eyes to what the future might bring.

Carla and Jordan also discuss how to know when therapy ends (or if it ever does); how watching porn could impact our sex lives; and what relationships will look like in the future.