Mastering Q4 Sales and Embracing Professional Transitions | SOS Ep. 360

Surviving Outside Sales

26-10-2023 • 15分

Strap in as I, Mike O'Kelly, take you on an exhilarating ride through my journey of surviving outside sales and mastering the Q4 sales period. Picture Q4 as the Super Bowl of sales - the stakes are high and the tension thicker. Drawing from my experience of setting up a brick and mortar business, I know the sweat and toil that's involved. But the real question is - are you equipped to seize the opportunity when your customers are ready to spend this Q4? Let's dive into the strategies that can help you leverage your resources and time to maximize this potential gold mine of a quarter.

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If you are in outside sales and have had any of the following:

- New to Outside Sales
- New to an industry, new product, new territory - any type of change
- Experienced, but have lacked training and business development
- Seasoned but feel like you have hit your ceiling and need a reboot

If any of those descriptions sound like you or someone you know,

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