Strategies for Thriving in Outside Sales and Beyond: A Discussion with Mike O'Kelly | SOS Ep. 347

Surviving Outside Sales

01-09-2023 • 14分

Surviving the tumultuous world of outside sales is no walk in the park.

From dealing with sudden layoffs to navigating career changes, it’s a long game full of setbacks and opportunities. Join me, Mike O'Kelly, as I share my own experiences of charting out a long-term career plan, overcoming setbacks, and creating my own path. We dive into the importance of not jumping on the first job opportunity that comes your way and the value of having a secondary income stream.

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If you are in outside sales and have had any of the following:

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- New to an industry, new product, new territory - any type of change
- Experienced, but have lacked training and business development
- Seasoned but feel like you have hit your ceiling and need a reboot

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