Navigating Personal Challenges: A Journey of Resilience and Lessons from a Sales Legacy | SOS Ep. 358

Surviving Outside Sales

22-09-2023 • 18分

Sometimes, life throws us curveballs that make us question everything. This episode of Surviving Outside Sales is a testament to that. I, your host, Mike O'Kelly, find myself wrestling with the imminent loss of my father, a veteran pharmaceutical sales rep who has been my greatest inspiration. As I navigate the emotional whirlwind, I hit the mic to discuss how personal challenges shape our professional lives.

While the episode is deeply personal, it is also a reminder of the importance of seizing opportunities when they come knocking. As I share anecdotes and insights from my journey in sales, influenced by my father's principles over shortcuts, my aim is to motivate you to embrace every moment in your sales career. Remember, the ripple effect of our actions as sales professionals can have far-reaching impacts on people's lives. So, join me for this heartfelt conversation as we traverse the uncertainties of life and the world of outside sales.

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