Pioneering Prospecting Strategies to Skyrocket Your Sales | SOS Ep. 343

Surviving Outside Sales

28-08-2023 • 44分

Ever wondered how to transform your prospecting game in the world of sales?
Strap in as we unmask the secrets to effective prospecting. From decoding the basics to building momentum, we're going to take you through the entire prospecting funnel, providing a detailed guide on how to identify your product market fit, create an ideal customer profile, and harvest the low-hanging fruit. Plus, we have a tried and tested system of 125 targets split into five buckets to maximize your efficiency and keep you on track!

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If you are in outside sales and have had any of the following:

- New to Outside Sales
- New to an industry, new product, new territory - any type of change
- Experienced, but have lacked training and business development
- Seasoned but feel like you have hit your ceiling and need a reboot

If any of those descriptions sound like you or someone you know,

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