Nepotism Baby Bracket

An Oscar For Arnold

16-01-2023 • 1時間 8分

With all the recent uproar around nepotism babies in Hollywood, Sonny and Tom decided to throw their hats into the ring. Not by providing any meaningful commentary on the validity of nepotism babies' success, but by putting them head-to-head in a bracket to determine who the most talented one is.

The boys have selected sixteen of the most successful nepotism babies in Hollywood and placed them into a bracket with no seeding. They do their best to decide these as quickly as possible and not dwell for too long, as they know how short the attention spans of their viewers are. Which nepotism baby will come out on top? Sadly, it's not Chet Hanks.

As always, Sonny and Tom do their opening segment and discuss how Arnold Schwarzenegger would do if he took William Hurt's Oscar-winning role in 1985's "Kiss of the Spider Woman." Could Arnold win an Academy Award playing an effeminate homosexual Brazilian prisoner? The suspense is killing us. Along the way, the boys discuss how great of an actor Raul Julia was and discover how bad of a person William Hurt was. They do not mourn him.

Upset about the choices made in this bracket? Follow us on Instagram and vote in our polls to determine who the fans select as the best nepotism baby. The boys will discuss the results in the next episode, forcing you to listen to us more.

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