Bonus Banter: Martin Short, Beck Bennett, & Timothee Chalamet

An Oscar For Arnold

20-09-2023 • 22分

After recording Episode 23, the boys realized they had gone on a few too many tangents. So they took out the worst bits to shorten the episode into something more manageable. Today, they present these worst bits to you in a bonus episode,  tied together with some additional transitions that Sonny and Tom recorded to help make the sudden change from one bit to another less awkward. So if you thought that last week's episode was just a bit too good, enjoy the parts that we decided were somehow worse than the garbage we talked about last time.

Included in this unwanted gift of an episode is a conversation about the hit piece against Martin Short, which critiqued a good man for no real reason. The hosts then proceed to do that themselves by taking a look at the post-SNL career of Beck Bennett, who they compare to Joey Fatone for some reason. Trust us, it comes from a place of love. But the final bit of the episode doesn't really, as the boys discuss Timothee Chalamet's upcoming Wonka movie and what a drastic misstep this is for his career. He's just not whimsical enough! For two guys who do not work in film and are much less successful than everyone they talk about, Sonny and Tom sure do love to judge the careers of others.

Hosted by Sonny de Nocker (@swankysonny) and Tom Price (@thomas_price22).
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