Indiana Jones and the Hurricane of Katrina

An Oscar For Arnold

15-01-2022 • 48分

After the previous episode in which Sonny and Tom discussed which fictional characters would do best against which real-life catastrophes, the boys decided to expand on one idea in particular: Indiana Jones searching for an artifact in the midst of Hurricane Katrina.

To accomplish this, Sonny and Tom look at the structure of a typical Indiana Jones movie to form a basic skeleton for what an Indiana Jones movie needs to have. They also study New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina, and notable events of the early 2000s to give an authentic period-accurate experience to our titular hero. Together, the boys put together an Indiana Jones movie that is decidedly better than the fourth one, although that's not saying much. Someone get George Lucas and Steven Spielberg on the phone, because we've got the next adventure for ol' Indy to grumble his way through. Featuring a flooded New Orleans, racist paramilitary groups, and Andrew Jackson's cursed bugle, "Indiana Jones and the Hurricane of Katrina" is a movie you're not gonna want to miss!

Of course, An Oscar for Arnold wouldn't be complete without a bit of Arnold talk, and we really do mean just a bit. For their opening segment, Sonny and Tom discuss what it would be like if Arnold Schwarzenegger played John Houseman's character in the 1973 movie "The Paper Chase". Sonny also gives us his best John Houseman impression, which is only partially accurate but it doesn't really matter because almost nobody listening to this knows who John Houseman is (Tom even calls him Jonathan at one point). The boys also give a tribute to the late Sidney Poitier, who surprisingly only won one Academy Award in his career. Best of all? Tom has a new microphone, and now actually sounds better than Sonny.

Special thanks to for providing a basic formula to build the perfect Indiana Jones movie.

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