Action Steps to Avoid Burnout While Growing Your Business

Lay the Course Podcast

29-12-2022 • 38分

Sarah Greener is passionate about businesses – mostly small ones. For the

past 7 years, Sarah has been helping busy, stressed, and overworked business

owners transform their businesses and reignite the passion they had when they

started out. Sarah enjoys providing actionable insights to audiences of all sizes to help

them in immediate ways to strike a necessary balance and stop the feeling of being overwhelmed.

In this episode you will hear:

  • Sarah’s early career experience that put her on the path to coaching women in business
  • Her experience with burnout, and how she found her way out of it
  • And the steps Sarah encourages her clients to take to find clarity within their business

“Stop, and take a break! You’ve got permission,” said Sarah, talking about her experience navigating burnout.

Sarah has developed a framework to help business owners based on her own entrepreneurial journey. The key she advocates for is working on their business rather than in their business. To connect with Sarah, you can visit her website at

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