Finding Joy in Your Business with Ciara Stockeland

Lay the Course Podcast

23-02-2022 • 32分

Ciara Stockeland has owned and operated businesses since her early teens. As a serial entrepreneur, her business mindset and tenacity led her to open her first store, Mama Mia, a high-end maternity store located in Fargo, ND in 2006. Shortly after, she developed and opened MODE, a designer outlet store located next to Mama Mia. In 2008, Ciara chose to merge her two concepts into MODE and developed the concept into a franchise.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How she created a space for retail entrepreneurs to ask questions and find community
  • The freedom in choosing to change your business concept.
  • The power in buying with a purpose and managing inventory in your business

“It’s okay to change concepts or to downsize if that’s what you feel a lot more joy in.” —Ciara Stockeland

Her vast experience in both retail and wholesale industries led her to launch the first to market wholesale subscription box for boutique retailers, which she built and sold within 18 months. Most recently Ciara has launched the Boutique Workshop, a coaching program for retailers.

To learn more about Ciara and her coaching program, you can find her on Facebook, Instagram,  and her website.