Episode Twenty One | Part One: Dr. Vanila Singh

Sustainable Leadership and Disruptive Growth

22-02-2023 • 24分

This week David sits down with Dr. Vanila Singh, former Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Health and Human Services, and a Clinical Associate Professor at Stanford Medical School. Dr. Singh is an expert on pain management and a patient advocate who has dedicated over 25 years to the medical field. In this inspiring and insightful conversation, we explore the topic of chronic pain affecting over 50 million people and high-impact pain affecting over 20 million people. Dr. Singh sheds light on the challenges and myths surrounding pain management and why a patient-centered approach is crucial. We dive deeper into why a one-size-fits-all approach is problematic and how individualized patient care can make a huge difference in their pain management journey. Her leadership and advocacy have paved the way for a more patient-centered approach to pain management and have influenced policymaking at the highest levels. Join us for this inspiring conversation with Dr. Vanila Singh, and learn how her leadership and expertise are shaping the medical field and making a difference in the lives of millions of people.