Episode Twenty Three | Part Two: Thomas Dakich

Sustainable Leadership and Disruptive Growth

07-06-2023 • 19分

In the conclusion of this week's episode of "Sustainable Leadership and Disruptive Growth," join David Radlo as he continues his conversation with the brilliant Thomas Dakich. As a seasoned attorney with a remarkable career spanning over three decades in the telecommunications and data center industries, Tom has closed awe-inspiring transactions worth over $500 million across the globe. In part two, we delve into the far-reaching impact of the CHIPS Act, a landmark legislation enacted by the States Congress and signed into law by President Biden. Tom sheds light on the profound implications of this act, exploring how it is set to revolutionize the telecommunications landscape and create unprecedented opportunities for growth and innovation. Tom also unveils an ambitious project that he has been tirelessly working on—a project that aims to transform the connectivity landscape starting from Chicago and extending eastward into underserved communities and rural areas. High-speed fiber optic cables lie at the heart of this visionary endeavor, serving as the catalyst for bridging the digital divide and empowering communities that have long been overlooked. Tune in as Tom shares the remarkable story of how this visionary project came together. Discover the power of connectivity, the immense potential for change, and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead as we strive to create a world where no community is left behind.