Resilience In Pivotal Moments: Getting Unstuck From The Status Quo Bias With Sandra Halling

Change Proof

09-11-2023 • 47分

Nothing in life is random; you just have to see the connection points, the pivotal moments, that lead you to where you are now. “Recovering” corporate consultant turned anti-hustle, pro-equity productivity coach, Sandra Halling, believes in this. Rewriting the narrative of her life story backwards, she reflects on the pivotal moments that taught her both personal and professional resilience. In this episode, she talks about our need for safety and fear of change, and how learning to ask for help relates to selling. Sandra also discusses the 3Ps (Persistent Action, Perfection, and Patience) and the art of asking powerful questions to transform your life. From finding the courage to overcome the status quo bias to seizing creative opportunities, Sandra gives us so much wisdom to help us in our paths to success, purpose, and impact. Join this episode and embark on an exhilarating quest for self-discovery!