A Healthy Lifestyle: How To Optimize Your Performance In Every Area Of Your Life With Tony Castillo

Change Proof

12-12-2023 • 59分

A healthy lifestyle helps in boosting your performance in your daily life. Following the best practice to create recovery zones will help our minds and bodies become stronger and resilient to function daily. In this episode, Tony Castillo takes us back to how he overcame his ordeal as an overweight student and faced unsustainable weight loss. Today, Tony is an elite nutrition expert, specializing in sports nutrition and aiding athletes, business leaders, and anyone seeking to boost their performance through nutrition. He shares tips for a healthy lifestyle to optimize your performance in every area of life. He also touches on the value of Mindful Eating and how it affects your lifestyle. Tony’s expertise in nutrition brings so much value to this episode. So, join us today to gain insights on helping our body become more resilient.