From Burnout To Brilliance: The CEO's Crucial Role In Workplace Evolution With Dr. Jonathan Baktari

Change Proof

10-10-2023 • 55分

Have you ever felt like work was taking over your life, leaving you with little time for personal pursuits? Dr. Baktari knows the feeling, and he's here to guide us through the strategies he's learned in his journey. In this episode, we have Dr. Jonathan Baktari, the CEO of eNational Testing, e7 Health, and US Drug Test Centers, who shares his wisdom on achieving a harmonious balance between career and personal well-being. Dr. Baktari discusses the evolving nature of the workforce, emphasizing how each generation brings unique challenges and opportunities. From the industrial era to the digital age, one thing remains constant – change. Are you ready to adapt? Dr. Baktari also expounds on the role of a CEO, believing that it’s not just about profits but improving the lives of everyone in the organization. Find out how Dr. Baktari maintains balance in his life, from regular workouts to family time, hobbies, and a commitment to mindfulness. Tune in now!