Your Pure Consciousness: A Dive Into Finding Your True Self With Tony Nader – Replay

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30-01-2024 • 1時間 3分

Beneath the surface of thoughts and emotions lies an ocean of vast awareness – your boundless essence. Discover the unified field of all existence, and awaken to your true self in its depths. Today, Dr. Tony Nader, the author of One Unbounded Ocean of Consciousness, delves into how you can access your pure consciousness and find your true self. As we dive into the quantum level, this conversation reveals that individual consciousness is not isolated but a wave within the ocean of consciousness – a wave within the One Unified Field of all the laws of nature. Be grateful for the miracle of consciousness because it holds the key to unlocking your ultimate peace. Unchain your true self, explore the hidden depths of your consciousness, and join Adam Markel and Dr. Tony Nader as they chart the course to this inner sea.

Show Notes:

04:17 - Dr. Tony Nader’s Career

11:16 - Perception and Vision

15:51 - Evolution and the Expansion of Individual Consciousness

17:50 - One Unbounded Ocean of Consciousness

21:18 - Pure Consciousness

29:40 - We Are Consciousness

30:39 - Elementary Particles

31:57 - One Unified Field

35:13 - Consciousness as Unbounded or Waves of Ocean

37:19 - Transcendental Meditation Technique

42:13 - Disturbances and Modifications in the Field of Consciousness