Flame Bearers: Championing Stories Of Women Olympians And Paralympians With Jamie Mittelman

Change Proof

06-02-2024 • 45分

Women’s stories matter. More than ever, we need to amplify and showcase these narratives for the world to see. Adam Markel welcomes Jamie Mittelman, the Founder of the award-winning storytelling platform, Flame Bearers. Jamie, a Harvard MPA and Dartmouth MBA, is dedicated to championing the stories of women Olympians and Paralympians worldwide. With a focus on diversity and representation, Flame Bearers shares these athletes' narratives through video, podcasts, and live events. The conversation dives deep into Jamie's personal connection to sports, her insights on the transformative power of athletics, and the upcoming Flame Bearers coverage of the Paris Olympics and Paralympics. The episode unfolds as a candid exploration of resilience, mental health, and the importance of creating supportive communities, featuring compelling stories from remarkable athletes like Deja Young Craddock and Alexa Moreno. Join Jamie as she sheds light on the platform's mission to redefine sports media, emphasizing the power and resilience of these extraordinary women athletes.