Let The Pasture Rest: On Regenerative Agriculture, Humility In Nature, And Operation Turtle With Stephen Smith

Change Proof

21-11-2023 • 41分

If there is one thing we learn from nature, it is to let the pasture rest. In this episode, we explore the worlds of resilience, regeneration, and reinvention with Stephen Smith, the visionary founder of Onda Wellness. Buckle up as we explore Stephen's inspiring story of transformation. Hosted by Adam Markel, this conversation centers on understanding the parallel between regenerative agriculture and personal wellness. Stephen talks about the power of regeneration, the humility that comes from living in harmony with nature, and the philosophy of Onda. He also discusses a crucial concept - "Operation Turtle." He shares his moment of clarity that led him to pivot and regain control in both his business and personal life. The importance of finding that space between self and enterprise is a powerful lesson that transcends the business world and has the potential to revolutionize your own path. Tune in now and discover healing, sustainable change, and regenerative transformation.