How To Provide Value Feedback From A Place Of Care With Sarah Conger

Change Proof

03-10-2023 • 46分

Sarah Conger is the VP of Customer Experience at VGM Fulfillment. She joins Adam Markel in this conversation about the right way to deliver valuable feedback. They discuss the importance of creating a safe and caring environment to make feedback easier to digest and apply. Sarah points out why you should revisit the way you provide such comments to avoid initial responses centered on anger or defensiveness. They also talk about turning your problem-solver mode off when helping others to stop yourself from overreaching or overreacting. Sarah shares how she sets personal boundaries to help her decide when to act and when to listen.

Show Notes:

00:00 – Introduction

01:18 – Why Sarah love problems

03:34 – What to fix and not to fix

11:54 – How a leader came to Sarah’s help

22:04 – Giving valuable feedback

29:42 – Creating a safe workplace environment

37:05 – Today’s concept of resiliency

44:43 – Sarah’s daily ritual