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20-07-2023 • 26分

This week's blogpost -

I was filling in for David Bahnsen this week on DC Today, and I was reminded how much I enjoy the Ask David section. This is where readers send in questions, and David addresses one question a day on this published public platform.

I remember an old teacher always used to encourage our class, “Ask, please ask all the questions you have. If you have a question on your mind, surely that same question is on the mind of a few others.” It was our civic duty to ask questions; it was for the greater good of the class. Our teacher actually used to give us [the class] an ultimatum – either ask questions for the entire period of the class, or he’d tee up a boring lecture. That’s right, an entire class, an entire semester, of just our questions. Sounds odd, right? But this professor knew the subject well, and our inquiries were based on the assigned reading, so it was our actual questions that made up the tapestry of his lecture. Yet, because we were the inquirers, we were much more engaged. Participation was a large portion of your grade, so it was also a motivator to complete the daily reading and be prepared for the discussion. It was quite a genius approach to teaching.

In that vein, I should probably be better about sharing the questions that I get from clients, friends, and readers. Why? Because surely these questions are on the minds of many others.

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