Listen To The Whisper | Luke Sorba

Listen To The Whisper

28-07-2021 • 35分

“I believe we live in a random Godless universe, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be wonderful and inspiring and full of hope… it’s just random and Godless... I'm really taken by the existential mantra… you are what you do.”

Welcome to ‘Listen To The Whisper’, where we explore how people navigate change.

In this episode we meet Improviser, Writer and Labour Councillor, Luke Sorba.

His career in the arts and education has involved acting and stand-up comedy, writing sketches and sitcoms, panel games and chat show host gags, devising shows and working on stage and in radio, on television and online (and written four self-published novels). He has also performed and taught improvisation (as well as creativity and writing classes) in numerous countries, to or with various groups from professional actors to students, public organisations, businesses, mental health servicer users, disabled children and serving or former offenders.

In 2014 Luke was elected a Labour Councillor on Lewisham Council where he Chairs the Children and Young People Select Committee and also serves on the Council of Governors of the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust.

Kate talks with Luke about the importance of saying ‘Yes And’ to change and when you get a taste for something, keep saying ‘yes’ until it grows into the next big thing.

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