Listen To The Whisper | Mark McKergow

Listen To The Whisper

07-07-2021 • 40分

“It’s exciting to do things which are a bit counter. It’s exciting to upset people who need upsetting. I like to create new things that people will respond to, connect to and bring them together."

In the second episode of ‘Listen To The Whisper’ we meet Mark McKergow.

Mark is a key note speaker, author, connector, researcher, particularly known for his work on Solution Focus Coaching, Host Leadership and more recently, Village in the City.

In addition, he has been integral to the international Sunday Assembly movement of secular congregations and communities. He also plays jazz saxophone and writes for London Jazz news

In this episode, Mark shares how he gets a ‘whiff’ of things which encourage him to take his next step, usually involving a counter-intuitive leap of curiosity.

For further information on Mark follow him on Twitter @markmckergow and

His recent book 'The Next Generation of Solution Focused Practice: Stretching the World for new Opportunities and Progress' is available from all good bookshops.

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Listen To The Whisper is produced and edited by Andrew Paine  @ItPainesMe