Get Real with Racks Q+A

Stacks with Racks

23-11-2022 • 59分

In this podcast episode, Racks provides valuable insights on transitioning in business by digging deeper in this high level Q+A. Are you an entrepreneur who is struggling to get real about your business? Do you feel like you are in a limbo and don't know what to do next? If so, you are not alone. In this live episode, business coaches share their own experiences of feeling stuck and how it affects them energetically.

Listen as they realign their values and standards to get ideal clients inside their offers and be appropriately paid for their time and energy. Racks gives the emotional support needed to move forward with an altered perspective and the ability to follow through with the change they crave. If you're starting a new phase in your life or business, this episode is for you.

Key takeaways to tune in for:

  • Multiple Level Limbos (0:54)
  • Half In Energy (16:57)
  • High Level Shift (25:11)
  • Successful Strategic Structure (48:13)
  • Offers + Behind the Scenes (52:46)

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